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Uncle Carey (Charles Carey Boyd)

Work at Huber

I have in my possession some old papers dating from 1944 & 45 from my great uncle, Charles Carey Boyd's work at Huber in Marion.  He was apparently involved in the belt manufacturing at Huber.

I have a card titled The Huber Manufacturing Co., Daily Time and Production Report which lists several different belts, their part numbers, type, size and number of plys.
Also there is a letter addressed to my uncle in July of 1945 in response to my uncle's placement of a small tag asking for the recipient of the belt to reply regarding where it was sent.  The letter is from Chester P. Thompson, Hatton, N.D., salesman for International Harvester Co.  He states that he found the tag attached to a belt on a Huber Threshing Machine, which he serviced on July 3, 1945, and that the machine was sold to a farmer in the local area.

I've attached a photo of these documents.
I also know that my uncle's younger brother, my grandfather, Austin Dewitt Boyd, was employed at Huber Mfg. prior to WW 1.  He left Huber to serve in WW 1 and when he returned to Marion, he joined the Marion Fire Department, eventually retiring as Captain.

So my family has several connections with the Huber Mfg. Co.
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