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Austin Augustus Boyd

"Austin Boyd (1841-1923) lived about three blocks from our home in Marion. We knew him as 'cousin' Austin. I remember him as a tall spare elderly man with big ears," remembers Leyland Arthur Brown in about 1986.

Austin A. Boyd was living on a farm just across the Scioto River from Newmans, OH at the turn of the century (1900). This property is shown in the 1887 Marion Co. Atlas to be owned by his father, Sylvester Boyd, so he has appearently inherited the farm from his father. Austin's brother "Joe" (Joseph Valentine Boyd) was also living there according to the 1900 Census.

In 1902 the farm house burned. The following article from the Prospect Monitor provides the details.

Prospect Monitor
April 25 1902

Totally Destroys the Old Boyd Homestead North of Town Tuesday Afternoon.---Fire Caught from Sparks

Tuesday afternoon about five o'clock while supper was being served, the house on the Boyd farm about three miles north of town was discovered on fire. On account of the high wind the flames spread so rapidly that nothing valuable was saved from the burning building.
The residence was occupied by Joseph Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Boyd and their daughters, Mollie and Edna. The occupants lost everything except the clothes which they wore. Austin Boyd also lost $35 in money, Joseph Boyd lost 45 in money and a valuable gold watch. The Misses Mollie and Edna Boyd were in Prospect during the fire, and lost all their belongings, including Edna's gold watch. The building was totally destroyed. Loss $1800, insurance $900. The cause of the fire is supposed to be from sparks out of the chimney. Even the chicken coop and shop in which were $75 worth of carpenter tools belonging to Joseph Boyd went to satisfy the angry flames.

Prospect Monitor
July 28 1904

Thrown From Wagon
Last Friday, while hauling wood on his farm, north of Prospect, Austin Boyd was thrown from the wagon falling behind the horses, one of which kicked him twice on the head and before he could recover himself the wagon ran over him, seriously injuring his back. Medical aid was called and it was found that Mr. Boyd was seriously injured.

Prospect Monitor
August 11 1904

In Common Pleas Court by John W. Hughes to Collect Commission on Sale of Real Estate.
John W. Hughes of Prospect through his attorneys, Mouser and Quigley of Marion has began suit in the court of common pleas, against Austin A. Boyd, Joseph V. Boyd and Ma E, Boyd asking for a judgment of $128.40, which amount he claims as is due him as a commission on the sale of real estate. He claims that on February 4, 1904, he entered into a written contract with the defendants, in which the defendants agreed to give him the right to sell or trade 167 acres of land in Prospect township within twelve months hereafter for $6240. Of this amount $2500 was to be paid in cash and $3920 in three equal deferred payments. He says that he was given full authority to close such a contract.
Hughes stated that on June 10 he sold the land to C E. Kirts in accordance with his agreement with the defendants but he states that after the deal was completed said defendants refused to comply with their agreement. He says that he has been promised two per cent commission. Which would amount to $128.40 and for which amount he asks judgment.

Prospect Monitor
February 23 1905

FOR SALE - I have a lot of shoats and brood sows that I will sell within the next ten days. A. A. Boyd.

Prospect Monitor
March 9 1905

Real Estate Transfers
J. V. Boyd to A. A. Boyd, 1/2 interest in 170 acres in prospect township, $3,100.

A. A. Boyd to A. E. Thomas 1/2 interest in 107 (170 probably) acres in Prospect township, $3,100.

My father (John Boyd) had assumed that his grandparents had moved to Marion when their house burned. But we can see from the record in the above newspaper articles that was not the case. It is unknown where they did live during the years immediately after the fire. However the Marion City Directory of 1915-16 lists A.A. Boyd (Mary E.) at 220 Madison Ave. Also, Austin D. clk, board, at same address.

Austin Augustus died August 7th, 1923 while his residence was at 220 Madison Ave. in Marion. He was living there after the farm in Prospect township had burned. At some poing Mary Wasser Boyd (his widow) moved in with her son Austin Dewitt at his residence at 306 Spencer Street. This would have been after 1918 when he returned from WW1.

Lucille Roesch recalls that his funeral was the same day as President Harding's in Marion and that they had to go way out around Marion to get to the cemetary as the streets of Marion were jammed due to President Hardings Funeral. Harding was entombed in the receiving vault of the Marion Cemetery, Marion, Ohio, August 10, 1923.

Eleanor Berkshire Pease remembers an Austin Boyd from her days in Marion. He was one of the guys who hung around her grandfather Harvey Peters who ran a truck farm in Marion. The Austin Boyd that she remembers is probably this one, if it were his son Austin, she would more than likely remember him as Dusty.

He was a founding member of the Oddfellows Lodge #482 in Prospect, OH 1871.