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Tracts for Christians

I've been involved in prison and jail ministries a little bit, where we go into the institution and present the gospel. What I've experienced is that a significant number of men I've talked with say that they have accepted Christ as their savior, but that they haven't been walking with Christ, or going to church (otherwise I probably wouldn't be meeting them in jail).
We have tracts to share with people who have not accepted Christ, to help us share the Good News! But we have no resources to help us encourage these men who have accepted Christ but have not allow Christ to rule their lives.

Here are some of the points I'd like to make in a tract that helps these men see that they need to have Christ as Lord as well as Savior.

Have you been getting what Christ promised you?

What did He promise, you ask?
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Purpose & meaning to your life
  • Hope
  • Contentment (satisfaction)
  • In short, just as Christ promised, "life and life abundantly."
If you answered "no," do you know why you haven't received what Jesus promised?
Jesus said, "If you abide with me, I'll abide with you."