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The Pinnacle of God's Creation

What is the pinnacle of God's creation? That is, what is it that God created that demonstrates his creative ability the most? I've been to many parts of this country that have some spectacular scenery - the power of Niagara Falls, huge buffalo herds in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, The Citadel of Yosemite National Park, Giant Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park, and the heat and desolation of Death Valley to name a few - and to some foreign countries that have some spectacular scenery - the Alps in Switzerland, the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of France. There are many spectacular things to see in nature, but they pale in comparison to the pinnacle of God's creative work.

Imagine the human mind (a collection of molecules, arranged into living cells) that is capable of thought. Not just simple thought like, "I'm hungry," or "I'm sick," but very complex thought. Consider the human mind that is capable of first reading (the written word - astonishing) and then contemplating an essay on "The Most Western of Western States." First it must be defined, what is "Western," and not simply a geographical standpoint. Then an analysis of people, events, culture, etc. must be undertaken to explain why Montanan is the "most western of western states." Nothing else God has created even comes close to that.

I was once listening to Doctor Grund describe the study he had done about the human nervous system. He was doing this study because of a patient who was having a particular problem with his leg (as I recall) but there was also a correlation with an impact to the man's tongue. It seems that some nerves that affect the leg are adjacent to nerves that affect the tongue and so from that, we can know that there is some impact on these nerves where they are adjacent. It was incredible enough that Doctor Grund could understand this (and explain it to me), but it is even more amazing that man has been able (and motivated) to study the human body to an extent such that these details can be understood and then documented. God has created a great thing in the human mind. Praise be go God.

Of course the human mind is also capable of great error. There are those who believe that this human mind simply evolved from something (I'm not really sure what they believe it evolved from). How absurd. If the human mind had evolved from a lesser mind, such as a chimpanzee, then why are there no creatures with minds of capability between that of the chimp and that of the human? Why is there this quantum leap from the chimpanzee mind to the human mind? Clearly, a much more reasonable belief is that God created the human mind.

Some folks believe that man is only slightly higher (more intelligent) than the apes. What utter nonsense. Let's see the apes put together a symphony orchestra, build an opera house, write a symphony, and then hold a concert. They ain't even close.