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Reflections on COVID-19 Crisis in 2020

Corona Virus Diaries

This is an historic time. Nothing has ever happened like this in the United States, and most people hope sincerely that it never happens again. So it is my view that having some reflections of what people are thinking as they go through this might be interesting if not valuable in the future.
Just like letters written home from the Civil War or WW1, are of interest, so it written record might be of interest in the future.

But very few people wright letters any more, and if they do, they don't express their thoughts and feelings in letters. That happens in phone calls and the like (FaceTime or whatever). So this is intended to wright down my thoughts, my reflections while it's happening.

How Long

That is the question on everyone's mind. There are some who are raging about the terrible economic impact this will have. I'm not sure abou that. I rather think the American spirit, the confidence, ingenuity, get it done spirit will overcome a lot more than the doom sayers think.

I do believe that things won't be the same for a long time. Some will have a habit of washing out hands and wearing face masks for years to come. Others may have become less careful, thinking I fell for that in 2020, and I'm not falling for it again. So the impact in one sense may be very, very long.

I think the politicians have gotten themselves between a rock and hard spot. At some point we have to go back to work. And there will be people dying as a result of that. Are they willing to sign up for that?


To me, the primary ministry of the local church is community. It's not the preaching, not the singing or music, not even the teaching. We can get all of that on Youtube and get better than what we get from out local church. What the local church provides that no on-line thing can provide is the people of God coming together. But the leaders of the church do not seem to get that.

And even if they thought the sermons or teaching was the important thing, they've done little if anything to adjust for the way they deliver the message or teaching. They sit and talk or teach in the same old way. That doesn't cut it in digital media. There seems to be no creativity, no thought put into what they are doing.

What people are worried about

Of course many are worried about getting sick and dying. The media helps stoke this fear. I saw an interview with a woman who's 46 year old husband who had no pre-existing conditions died. Of course that is scary, because we think if he died, then I could die. But he is a dramatic exception. Somewhere on the order of 90% of the deaths are people who have some complicating health issue. Healthy people generally do not die of this disease.

There are some who worry about Americans' losing their freedom. Some see this as a great conspiracy to make Americans fall in line with government control. Why would the government bother to give away billions of dollars if they simply wanted to control people. None of the totalitarian states every gave away compensatory billions to get their victims to go along.

There are others who see this disease as being caused by 5G wireless communications. Hmm... that's strange because we have COVID-19 here in Ohio, but little if any 5G communications. Maybe I'm wrong but I see this as a case of people being paranoid. Not that I doubt that EMF does us harm, but I don't think 5G causes this virus. Indeed we have pretty clear evidence that it was created in a lab in Wuhan China, and then either intentionally or inadvertently allowed to escape into the populace.

Here is meme from Facebook on April 4, that illustrates what some are fearing and the crazy in my view conspiracy theory they have. This was promoted by a guy who is older than myself and who works for IBM.

Personal Impact

April 8, 2020 - Last night my son called and said one of his employees, who has continued to come into work, called him in the morning and said he has a fever. So son is isolating himself at home, and we're all hoping he does get it. Or are we hoping he gets it and its very mild. That in reality is the best case scenario.

April 9, 2020 - So now we see that the infection numbers and death toll is nowhere near what was predicted. The original predictions had deaths in the millions. Then the computer models showed deaths around 240,000. Today, they are projecting 60,000. That is in the neighbor hood of the average flu season.

Secondly, there are doctors and scientist who say this isn't a pulmonary infection at all, but rather a blood infection. All that is being said in this regard makes total sense. All avoid those details here.

And I just heard today on Rush Limbaugh, that the experience now shows people not put on ventilators actually have a higher survival rate than those who do (related to blood infection rather than lungs).

Of course there are some who poo-poo the use of hydroxychloroquine and say that vaccinations are the only real solution. Of course flu vaccinations was all the hubbub before this, and I'm inclined to ask, so how is that flu vaccination working out for you? I just listened to the daily Whitehorse briefing and here the guy from the CDC talk about clinical trials and ignore the fact that many doctors are finding the use of hydroxychloroquine to be very effective. If this is a crisis, why do we have to wait for a clinical trial? And even if it's not a health crisis, they have surely made it into an economic crisis.

So it seems generally that the medical profession has let us down, and the government based medical people might have arguably lead us down a bad path. If all of the shutdown was really unnecessary then far more damage has likely been done by the shutdown than the virus itself. But we've come to expect this of the government.

I heard a very compelling interview by Laura Ingraham of Atty General Barr about how the government has violated the civil liberties of Americans. He says that in a time of national emergency like war, it is warranted. We could argue if this is that kind of crisis, especially now based on the projected death toll being so comparatively low.

April 10, 2020 - License to steal

The government passed the CARE act which includes the Paycheck Protection Plan. This program allows small business's to get a loan supposedly to cover payroll during this time of crisis. The loan can be forgiven, apparently simply by the corporation stating that they kept their employees on payroll. It is in essence a free hand out of money from the government. I don't know what the rationale is for calling it a loan.

Non-profits qualify for this and so Child Evangelism Fellowship (of which I am the treasurer in the State of Ohio) is considering it, although very slowly as they seem to do everything.
I have reservations about it for the following reasons:

  1. I simply don't like doing business with the government. I don't trust them.
  2. It seems dishonest to take out a loan with no intention of paying it back, if in fact that's what we do.
  3. Its a bunch of work to apply for the load, account for the loan, and then terminate the loan, which almost exclusively falls on me. It's my job and I'll do it, but I have reservations which I'll not elaborate on here.

IBM & vacation IBM is telling all employees that they "should" which is veiled way of saying you must, take a week of vacation in the second quarter. Of course no one wants to because you can't go anywhere. The government would prefer you stay in your house. Not even go to the store. So if you're staying at home to do some home repair project, the government really would prefer you not go to the store to get the supplies. But IBM wants us to stay home, ostensibly for our health, which everyone knows is 100% BS. They add insult to injury here by in essence saying that they thing we're a bunch of damned fools. That we'll believe they are really concerned about our health. If they were really concerned about our health, they would let

April 11 - Today's Headline

In today's Richland Source, "Ohio expands definition for counting COVID-19 cases, deaths." So does this mean that we need a higher count so we're changing the way we count? Or does it mean that we didn't know what we were doing in the first place? I think regardless of what it really means, it means that the government doesn't really know what they are doing. They are guessing, and quite possibly guessing badly.

April 12 - Easter
Going to Laura's for Easter dinner. We actually went there yesterday, and to John's. I guess as far as family goes, where through the isolation out the window. My intention is to tickle the kids.

I was thinking about the flu. Where did it go? Did it instantly and miraculously disappear when COVID-19 showed up? How do we know people with symptoms have COVID-19 and not influenza A or B? Some, I guess those hospitalized, are being tested. Although I'm not sure that all are. So are we counting some who have flu as COVID-19?

Makes you kinda wonder about flu shots as well. I think the flu shot was for influenza B. It's not doing much good I reckon.

We know of a 15 year old who died in January. He had a fever for a couple of days, and then one morning said that he couldn't breath, collapsed and died. Did he have COVID-19 or the flu? There was a young woman here in Lexington, with similar experience. She tested positive for one of the flus. Does the flu test distinguish between COVID-19 and the flu?

April 15, 2020 - I was in a group of people (a Web conference) and they universally said that the politicians have themselves in jam. They all realize that if the politicians say everything is OK, there will continue to be deaths. But if they don't say everything is Ok and let people go back to work, there are going to be a lot of upset people because the illness just isn't that bad. Here in Richland County, only 44 people have been diagnosed. The vast majority of people in the county don't know anyone who's been diagnosed. This thing just isn't this bad.

April 16, 2020 - I was working on the Paycheck Protection Plan loan application. There is a statement, "Current economic uncertainty make this loan request necessary to support the ongoing operations of the Applicant." I believe there are lot of companies who are getting this loan who are not being honest about this statement.

I can say that my life has been harmed very little if any. In fact in some ways it's better. I don't have to get on airplanes to see my customers for example. And my impression is most people I know would say the same thing. I don't know anyone personally that is out of work, other than maybe the waitresses where I go to breakfast on Friday AM (I think they are, but I'm not certain).

I've been impressed (or depressed) by the fact that every vendor who has my e-mail has sent me at least one if not many e-mails telling me all the things they are doing for me during the pandemic. Wow, I'm so lucky! Or wait is it just a cleverly veiled attempt to get some of my money.

Even IBM is up to this trick. We've been scrambling about tying to figure out what solutions we have that we could promote to our customers to "help" them in this time of crisis. Here's the difference though. Those other companies have already sent out the e-mails. IBM is still trying to figure out what we can sell. Not exactly nimble. Also, stuff comes down from above that is totally wacky, at least in my view. Maybe I'm just stupid.

I was worried about our customers hearing from us that we want to capitalize on this pandemic (that is surely what the management is wanting to do). But I'm not so worried now, as I think it might be over by the time ol' Blue is able to agree on a story or two.

April 17 2020 - I was on an IBM call waiting for people to join and a guy that I've known for some years and have a good relationship to, was on and I said somewhat sarcastically and flippantly that I feel so fortunate, that everyone that has my e-mail address has sent me emails telling me how they are helping me through this corona virus crisis. He commented that his daughter in-law had had it, and that he knew three retirees who had died. He wasn't joking about COVID-19. He lives in NJ, near New York. So they seemingly have a different view than I do here in Ohio.

Went to Lowes last night return a bathroom faucet. I arrived about 7:30 PM and the store is closed. One of the employees came out and said it closes at 7. It's mandated! Hmmm.. I guess the government believes the infectious nature of the virus goes up at night? Why else would they demand that the stores close at 7PM? The more irrational the rules are, the less like I am to follow them.

April 19, 2020 - Felt rough last night and this AM. Every ache and pain makes you wonder, have I got it? We're seeing more and more reports of random testing being done, and the results show a significant percentage (30-40 %) of folks testing positive for antibodies without having shown any symptoms. This means that is far less deadly than predicted.

April 20, 2020 - We see that some hospitals are at risk of going bankrupt because they have no patients. They aren't able to treat any elective procedures and since there are a low number of COVID-19 cases, they have no patients. Classic of the government. The very organizations they wanted to help, they are hurting by a one size fits all strategy.

I'm seeing more and more advertisements now for stylish face masks. OSU buckeyes, us flag, Yamaha motorcycles. You name it, you can probably find your favorite band slapped on face mask for $15 or so. You gotta love Americans. Anything to make a buck.

And IBM is no less. There's a big push to publish a set of solutions that help with the crisis. Of course we're a month into it and most customers that had some issues, have long since found a solution. IBM is so very non-nimble. We went around and around trying to find a solution based on the products I work with. I could have had it solve in one day, if they had simply turned to the guy who understands the products and the customer need. But no, the executives who know everything, have a better idea. What this is going to result in is stupidity, a waste of many peoples time, and publishing something that is useless at best. I will likely be an embarrassment.

April 22, 2020 - Here's a meme I saw today (same guy as the one above).

The question asked here is just stupid. I wonder if he says this about polio and TB, and measles? It's just stupid.

I'm not a proponent of all vaccinations. I think we over do it. I've never gotten a flu shot and I seriously doubt that I would get a COVID-19 vaccination. But COVID-19 and the flu are very different than TB, and polio, and even the measles.

I've not had a shingles vaccination. That's one that I might get, although I've had the shingles and that should provide some immunity.

There is a reasonable question of balancing risks and rewards. The vaccines are not risk free, and anyone who ignores that is not being honest either. But the risk from polio and TB is not the same risk as the risk from flu and COVID-19. Dismissing vaccinations in general is as stupid as thinking I have to have a vaccination for everything I might be infected with.

I was just listening to Rush Limbaugh, who is a proponent of removing restrictions. The governor of Georgia is beginning to open things up this weekend, and he is be very criticized

April 23, 2020 - I just saw a headline, "Spring Sports Wiped Out." Interesting that I'm not hearing anyone bemoaning not being able to watch sports.

April 26, 2020 - I saw this posted on Facebook. It is quite compelling and helps to solidify my belief that this whole thing was way overblown, so much so that I can understand how some come to the conclusion that it is a hoax. Well the CORONA virus exists, it can make people sick and even die, but it is primarily only people who have a compromised immune system.

In the past few days to week or so, we are hearing of meat packing plants being closed because their work force has become sick, and now predictions of massive starvation around the world. And stories of farmers killing herds of hogs who the can't sell, and killing thousands of chickens. This makes no sense. If everyone in a meat packing plant got sick, in a couple of weeks they are mostly going to be well, and if a few die they get replaced. So in a few weeks the plant should be back open. So if I were a farmer, I would wait a couple of weeks and sell my hogs then. Feeding them a couple of weeks wouldn't bankrupt me.
Makes no sense.
There might be a small shortage for a short time, but massive starvation because of this virus? Hmm.. I don't see how.

April 29
- There was a reported study done by the Veterans Administration that showed that hydroxychloroquine was not effective in treating COVID-19 and that it raised the risk of heart failure and other severe side effects. The CDC backed and promoted the report. Now that doctors have seen the report, the details are clear. It wasn't a study at all. The report was written by three ophthalmologists who had not treated a single COVID-19 patient. They sited no details of the stage of the patients' disease or the dosages administered. There has been a study done by doctors in France (a real study) of over 1000 patients proving the hydroxychloroquine is quite effective if administered before the disease becomes extremely severe. I saw another doctor interviewed on The Ingraham Angle who had treated over 200 patients with hydroxy and was reporting good results. Both he and Ingraham had reached out to the doctors of the VA report and none of them would talk to either Ingraham or the other doctor.

So now we know this is just more work of the deepstate, attempting to discredit Trump (Trump was promoting hydroxy even when Fauci was poo-pooing it). Think of this... these doctors are willing to lie about the efficacy of this treatment which might easily mean people would die because they weren't given an effective and available treatment, all for political reasons. That is the epitome of evil in my book. To willingly allow people to die for political reasons. That shows you the depth of hate, and depravity of some who hate the president. What other motive would they have?

On a lesser note, but still interesting, on Monday Ohio Governor Dewine announced his phase 1 (and just the fact that its "his" is instructive) for opening up society in Ohio. Face masks were to be required for employees and customers in all businesses even though they haven't been up until now. The next day he changed it to "strongly recommended". When he announced it, both Connie and I were rather miffed at him telling us masks were required. And I'm sure that many Ohioans were. It was especially silly because they weren't required during the height of the crisis. It just shows how out of touch politicians are.

April 30 - Just confirmed today by the CIA (if you believe them) that COVID-19 was released on the public from the Wuhan lab in China via accidental release. This lab was funded in part by the US gomnt.

May 4 - On Friday I went to my dad's house that we're working to sell. My sister was also there. My daughter and her kids went as well. My sister was very upset as she felt that the kids could infect her which

May 6 - There is so much information flowing about this pandemic situation that it gets a bit overwhelming. People on all sides of the issue - for masks, against masks, for opening up, for continuing the lock down. You see protesters protesting the closings etc. and they show up with guns. Not that they intend to use them, they are just people who have this very intense "don't tell me what to do" point of view and guns have been on that list for a long time, so they want to grind two axes at the same time. It makes total sense to them, and no sense to others.
Here's oneThe 'Big Lie' Behind COVID-19 - Stansberry Research.pdf of the best editorials I've seen. Makes total sense to me, and he recommends the opposite of what the government says.

May 10 - There are these consipracy theories that the virus was somehow created by Fauci and Bill Gates, or at least they funded the creation of it so that they could sell vacines and have everyone get micochips in their arms. Well, I do believe that Gates thinks vacines are the answer and that the only way to force the neighsayers to get vacinated is to chip people and ostresize those who don't have the vacines and therefore the chip. My guess is that he considers himself to be a great mind who can cure the worlds ills. And Fauci is happy to go along with the program. It's all part of the liberal mind set... we know what's best for you.

I don't think its a sinster plot, it's just them doing what they think is best.

May 12 - Saw a video of Bill Gates on Fox News. He comes off as an authority but I don't think he knows anymore about COVID-19 than I do. And he's no using logic. He says we have to all be vaccinated. Well the virus itself is going to vaccinate most of us and do it pretty expeditously.

May 13 - More and more businesses opening in defiance to various governments rules (not laws). Some people being prosecuted. This is going to get increasingly ugly as much of the Amreican populace now sees this a complete sham. No more serious that past flu seasons. It is particularly deadly for the elderly or the unhealthy, but that is a minority of the population. And even for the elderly and unhealthy, it's not as bad as it was made out to be.

I was in a prayer meeting this evening. I have been meeting with these people every week of the pandemic lockdown. They haven't said much, but today they did. It is clear that most think this pandemic is purely a political scheme.