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Chinese Virus Part 6

March 8, 2021
It is now a year since the virus had impact on us here in Ohio.

More and more evidence that the virus was created by the Wuhan lab in China (and it's affiliates in the US) funded in part by the US government. Even if they didn't do it maliciously, they maliciously kept it a secret and allowed it to spread. This would seem to be a very evil thing considering the millions of people who have died around the world. Its almost unfathomable.
People don't know how to stop responding to the virus anymore than they knew how to start responding to the virus. We have people who have been vaccinated and people who have not. Do we wear masks or not? Social distance, or not?

Of course all of the repsonse had been based on politics and appearances, more than real sience. Today the rate of infection is much higher than it was last summer, and yet many states were more locked down then than they are now, including Ohio. Stores were closing at 7PM. They were controlling how many people could go into the stores. But today, none of that, and yet the infection rate is probably twice what it was last summer.

Just saw a news article about molnupiravir, which seems to stop the virus in its tracks. It's able to be dispensed at home. its in stage 2 trials and supposed to be available in 4 - 5 months.

March 31, 2021
I saw this article today that asks how Chile can have such a high infection rate with such a high vaccination rate. They don't know! And that's what I say more than anything about this virus, THEY DON"T KNOW! Doctors don't know. Scientist don't know. Politicians certainly don't know (although they act like they are experts).
I got the vaccination this month almost solely because people I know would think I was crass and heartless, not to mention brutish and stupid if I didn't get it. They would be insulted if I didn't get it. They believe in the science and for me to not get the vaccination says, "I don't believe in your science."

May 3, 2021 At church, almost no on is wearing a mask and I've heard of no cases lately. No one has officially said anything about wearing masks or not wearing masks, people just quit. My guess is many are vaccinated and believe there is therefore no reason to wear a mask. If you are vaccinated and wearing a mask, I'm wondering what is the rationale for that.
I'm seeing articles saying that the US isn't going to get to heard immunity because so many people are declining getting the vaccination. But they are leaving out natural immunity. Of course the country eventually gets to heard immunity simple by people getting the virus. To say we don't get to heard immunity seems stupid (or most likely devious).

June 4, 2021 - I was at my weekly Friday AM Bible study breakfast today, and the restaurant has rearranged back to a pre-pandemic configuration, and the place was packed with people, all talking loudly. The difference was dramatic. Then I came home and saw a news item headlined, "US COVID-19 cases plummet to levels not seen since March 2020." So it seems we're getting back to a pre-pandemic state. But how long will it last? And how long will it take for the Biden administration to start taking credit, when in fact if there is anything that made the difference, it was the ultra fast creation and delivery of the vaccinations. Of course, it is possible that the virus might have waned even without the vaccinations.

So maybe we are finally at the point where we can look at the COVID-19 pandemic as history. We'll see what happens through the summer and into the fall. One caveat... I had surgery this week. At the hospital, everyone is still wearing masks. This is so ironic, that the very people who are supposed to understand medicine, are still stuck on wearing masks. How ironic.

July 4, 2021 - Everyone is back to normal except the NIH and CDC who continues the vaccination drum beat. Here's an article I saw today
POLITICO spoke with nearly a dozen pastors, many of whom observed that vaccination is too divisive to broach, especially following a year of contentious conversations over race, pandemic limits on in-person worship and mask requirements. Public health officials have hoped that more religious leaders can nudge their congregants to get Covid shots, particularly white evangelicals who are among the most resistant to vaccination... NIH Director Francis Collins, a devout Christian who has used his ties to the faith community to promote public health measures during the pandemic, said he regretted that pastors have faced ?such a barrage of negative responses? from congregants. "It's heartbreaking that it's come to this over something that is potentially lifesaving and yet has been so completely colored over by political views and conspiracies that it's impossible to have a simple loving conversation with your flock," Collins said in an interview. "That is a sad diagnosis of the illness that afflicts our country, and I'm not talking about Covid-19. I'm talking about polarization, tribalism even within what should be the loving community of a Christian church."

So here's an article the left loves to write. Those Christians are irrational! You can't even have a rational conversation with them. In fact it is the left, the "vax for all" gang that are irrational.

The vaccination zealots are promoting the vax for young people and even children. There is no way they should get vaccinated. The reward simply doesn't justify the risk. But the government/medical complex in the US cries "vax for all!"

I think the vast majority of people who will get the vaccine have gotten it. COVID is for the most part out of everyone's mind. We might get a wake up call in the fall when it returns to some degree, but right now, it's pretty much a memory. And people are very glad to be back to normal. Most are back to normal. There are a few who are stil wearing their masks when they are outside. Maybe for them, that's normal. In my view they are perhaps mentally disturbed. By that I mean, particularly fearful, and confused about the facts of how the virus is transmitted.

I heard an interview with the guy who claims to have invented the mrna process of "vaccination" - quotes because its not really vaccination in the historical and legal sense of the word. He said it has not had long term tests and that is definitely a concern. We don't know what the long term effects are. My wording I think pretty accurate with regard to his sentiment. And its what I've said all along. The people who say that it is safe, and that its been tested are lying. It hasn't had long term tests, and so the can't know if its safe or not, and they don't care. They have an agenda.

July 5, 2021 - We went to the Akron Zoo yesterday. There were a few folks wearing masks. A family or two with small children, all of them wearing masks. I just have to think there is a mental issue there. They are either unrealistically fearful, and/or unaware of the facts. It is sad to see this.