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COVID Pandemic Commentary Part 3

August 7, 2020 - At Lakeside, OH this week for our annual family visit here. Of course the administration is liberal, we've known that all along, in part from their overbearning enforcement of tickets in past years. This year they are not checking them at all. Why is that? Last year every ticket was scanned going and coming. This year, they don't even seem interested in looking at them. The crowd here is very light. Less than half of normal I would guess. COVID impact. People are afraid I guess.

So part of the Liberal bent shows up in their request that everyone wear masks when you are outside of your house. They don't enforce this. They also say masks are required in the downtown area. It's not enforced, but the vast majority of folks are complying, including myself.

But many folks, maybe 30% are walking around all over the place with their masks on. I suspect they think they are protecting themselves. They might say that they are protecting others, but I suspect the real motivation is protecting themselves, perhaps just signalling that they expect me to wear my mask because they are wearing theirs.

I saw an old man taking out the trash at his home, up in the housing area where there aren't a lot of folks walking around. He had his mask on. Again, I suspect thinking he was protecting himself. Maybe he's getting some very, very small protection.

Big news items in Ohio this week: The governor has mandated that all school children will have to wear masks in school. This is going to keep a lot of kids out of schools I suspect. I know my daughter and daughter in-law are considering home schoooling. We'll see if that happens. I know I would be very reluctant to tell my kids to wear masks all day as school. I suspect this is largely a concession to the teachers' union. I'm sure a bunch of teachers are Liberals who are concerned for their health.

The second big news item was that Dewine tested postive. The test was administered because he was going to meet with Pres. Trump. Two later tests were negative. The first test was said to be a quick but less accurate test.

You may sense that I think Liberals are more likely to be worried about COVID. I do think that is the case for two reasons. First they listen to the Liberal media who blows it out of proportion, partly to keep people engaged, and partly in hopes of making President Trump look bad. The second reason I think they are more worried is they typically don't have a faith and trust in God. So they are simply more anxious people. That of course is a generalization. There are Christians who are anxious and there are Liberals who aren't anxious, but in general, I think Liberals are more anxious than Christians.

August 8, 2020 - A possible partial reflection of the COVID mess are the riots that have been going on for weeks now since George Floyd died during a police stop. Most would say that he was murdered, and indeed the police involved have been charged with murder. But I'm making the predition right here, that they will be aquitted of murder and perhaps all charges. I won't go into the details, but there is plenty of supporting evidence. If I lived in Minneapolis, I would be moving out of there. When the aquital comes down, the rights are going to be worse than they were originally, and they were bad. I'm telling you if you are a law abiding citizen and live in or near those certain areas of town where the riots happened, you would be advised to move. It's going to be ugly.

I say that this may be a reflection of COVID, as people were completely sick of being locked down and pushed around. That may well have been a factor in the reaction. It's hard to understand that severety and scope of the riots otherwise. Of course I know much of it was done by anarchists who want to destroy the country. Perhaps some are simply paid.

August 10, 2020 - Was in a discussion in Sunday School yesterday about masks, etc. I said that I don't think the governor has the legal authority to mandate masks. Another person said that he has the responsibility for the health and safety of the people in the state. I said, "No he doesnt'." Somone else agreed with me, but I'm not sure who.

I also stated that all the reaction to COVID-19 has been on a political basis, not a health basis. All that has been done has been motivated at its core to get someone re-elected. Its not about health.

August 13, 2020 - I saw an article today that the State of Connecticut fined two people for not filling out forms after they had traveled to one or more of the 32 states that are on a list. When you travel there you have to file a form when you return and then self quarantine for 14 days. Two people did not do this and were fined $1000. First of all, this is nuts. Secondly, where does the state get the right to do this. There have been no such laws passed, and I'm not sure they would be constitutional if they had been passed. Our civil liberties are being not only infringed, but unlawfully infringed. They are being stolen by fiat.