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Reflections on COVID-19 Part 2

June 18, 2020 - It's been a while since I wrote anything. I've been busy. We got my dad out of assisted living because he was really suffering in there. It became a prison. Not at the fault of the facility (although I'm not sure they did as well as they might have) but just because of the rules they had to live under. He was basically confined to his room 24x7. He was allowed out, but it's not his nature to productively work on his mental health. So he was getting very disoriented.
He's been fine since the day we brought him out.

So there is one huge impact on people. The people living in assisted living or nursing homes. It's really inhumane what they've done to those people.

Now the country is divided about wearing masks or not wearing masks. And then this George Foster death at the hands of the police in Minneapolis which lead to riots all around the country. I believe the COVID lock down was a factor in that. People were simply frustrated so badly that this thing set them off. What was done was simply crazy.

June 25, 2020 - There are still vestiges of the virus going on, primarily in businesses. The employees are wearing masks (they are required to by the state). But very few customers are wearing them.

For me, I'm working exclusively at home. No travel. And that makes it possible to deal with all the changes we're doing to have dad living here with us. If I was traveling, that probably would not be sustainable. But I guess if the virus didn't happen, and I was still traveling, then dad could still be living at the Waterford.

June 30, 2020 - I went to the UPS store today to drop off some packages. They don't open until 10 AM. I really don't see how this helps control the spread of COVID. They want only 4 people in the store at a time, and have the door locked and let people in (at least this is what the sign says. I haven't seen it in operation yet.) The question I have is, how do you spread people out by shortening your hours of operation? This is completely ignorant. The COVID pandemic has exposed a lot of ignorance, I'll tell you that.
The sign says they will start opening at 8AM on July 6.