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Amateurs and Web Sites

People who have never maintained a Web site think that making a quality Web site is about making it look slick. They ignore the whole point of a Web site, and that is to convey information.  A Web site can look as slick as can be, but if it doesn't have valuable information, its a waste of time. If it has out of date information or inaccurate information, its not only a waste of time but should be an embarrassment to the creator.

1) Focus on having valuable information. Up to date and useful information.
2) Make the information easy to find
   a) easy navigation in the Web site
   b) easily found in the Internet (proper titles and meta data so that it can be found via the search engines
3) Link to other interesting information.
4) Make the Web site visually appealing
    a) just being consistent in appearance is a big step
    b) being easy to understand visually.

PS: You may find misspelled words on my Web site. I've always been spelling challenged. I'm trying to do better. Really I am.