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CEF Lock Reconfiguration

This is a lock set that was at the new CEF office. It wouldn't unlock. When I got it apart, I saw why. The plunger was welded in place. So I ground the the weld out and now it unlocks.

But we don't have a key for the lock, so it really needs to be set so that it can never lock. So I made a little plate that blocks the plunger from being pushed in and locking.

You can see the weld holding the plunger in the locked position.

Here the weld has been gound out. The plunger is still in the locked position.

Here the weld is gone and the plunger is out, fully unlocked. This is where I want the plunger to stay.

Here the new plate is inserted and a spot of epoxy on it to hold it in place. Once the knob is on, the epoxy really isn't needed.
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