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Front Porch Resurfacing

Summer 2021

It was desired by the powers here that the front porch be reconditioned. So I started by stripping off the ceramic tile. A good friend let me dump it in his dumpster. There's a whole story behind that, but tha's another Web page.

The tile is stripped off. Then I used a hammer and chisel to chisel off most of the thin set.
Chipping the thinset off by hand. Took about 6 hours total.
I looked at renting a grinder and found that I could purchase a dust shroud and grinder cup for my very old Wen 7 inch grinder. I think I purchased this in 1978. You can see here the vacuum duct job I did. This thing actually worked very well.

I could have used the grinder to take off all of the thinset but I would have gone through a lot of vacuum cleaner filters. I had to clean the one I had three time, with just the grinding I did.

Here's the porch ground off, and power washed. Ready to patch.

Here, the patching has been done. In theory, we're ready to put the top coat on. Just waiting on the right weather conditions.