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Why I Like Riding Motorcycles

Maybe this should be titled, "Why Do I Like Riding Motorcycles," because I'm not really sure I know why. As I was riding home from Detroit, I was asking myself, why do you like this? You get blasted by the wind, your butt gets extremely sore, its dangerous, and you are almost invariably too hot or too cold. So why do I like it?

Maybe its the danger (excitement). Maybe its the power/speed that a motorcycle has. I don't know. None of those seem to justify the comfort of riding in a Cadillac. I know that I've really enjoyed cruising across Rt. 20. In that case, the wind is minimized. the road is straight, the traffic is minimal and the highway is divided. Its about the safest place I've ridden, and I enjoy it the most, so it wouldn't seem that danger/excitement is the reason. And, I'm just cruising along at a steady speed, so the power/speed thing doesn't seem to apply. Maybe its just experiencing the road. The smells, the view, the whole experience. Honestly I don't know.

One reason I like it, is actually one of the reasons I bought a motorcycle, and that is to ride with the "bikers" going into prisons to share the Gospel in the prisons. I did that recently and have a little report on it.

I was chatting with Alex and he came up with a reasonable thought about this.