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Steve's Bike's New Paint Job

May, 2007
Here is Steve's new paint job. WOW!

Close up of the tank:
Want to know more about "His cleansing blood"?
I met Steve when we went into Ross Correctional July 2006.  Steve has a wonderful testimony.  His son was arrested and while he was in jail, his cell mate witnessed to him and he accepted Christ. 

When Steve went to visit his son in Jail and then later in prison, all the son wanted to talk about was Jesus.  Steve nor his wife knew the Lord, so this insistence on talking about Jesus really aggravated Steve.  But at the same time, Christ was working in his heart and through other people.  Eventually, God told a guy who Steve had known for a long time to go talk with him about the Lord.  The man was obedient and led Steve to Christ. 
Now Steve and his wife are both involved in prison ministry with CMA, riding his bike into prisons to share the Gospel.  And you can see from the paint job, he's got about a $15,000 tract that he rides.