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Front Frame Repair

I wish I had taken a picture of this front frame piece before I started working on it, but I didn't. Anyway, I did some straightening and then had a challenge with where the mounting bracket had broken the cross member that it was welded to. In order to repair that, I cut the mount bracket off the cross member, and cut the two ends of the broken cross member off and welded in a new straight piece of pipe (shown below).
Shows where I welded the piece of pipe into the frame
The next step will be to weld the cross member back onto the mounting bracket. The photo below shows where the welds will be.
Green arrows indicate where the welding will be done.

April 7, 2008

Dad was here on Saturday and helped me line up and hold the frame in place while I tack welded it. Then today I welded the bracket up solid and mounted the bracket and the guage unit.
Here's the front frame from the right side Here's the front from the front.. you can see the back of the guage unit.

When I got the guages in, I started thinking about starting it up, and I realized I had not connected the choke cable to the carburetor unit. So I had to remove the tank, and then the carbs so that I could connect up the choke cable.
So now that is done, and I think I'm about ready to put the battery in and fire it up.

The fuel petcock is leaking just a little bit.. just enough to make it damp with gas, but not enough to drip. I'll have to take the tank out and hold it upside down to work on that.