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Damage on AJ's FZR600

October 5, 2007 - I got started on the repair of AJ's bike. Following is the damage I found in the front end.
The guage unit broken. The two halves are almost broken in two. The damage is in the back. I think a good Epoxy job will get it right.

The wiring harness on the guage unit has been smashed. A couple of the wires were smashed together - I imagine that's why the turn signal indicator light was on all the time and some of the guages didn't work right. One wire was broken completely in two. Splice the wires back together and we'll be back in business.

The head light housing is broken including one of the mounting tabs being broken completely off. Another Epoxy job. I'll use a little metal reinforcemnet and add a new mounting tab out of metal.

The bracket that holds the lights and guages and front fairing is broken and bent. In the photo you the arrows point to the frame member that should be joined. This is going to be the toughest repair by far. Its difficult to see exactly how it should be lined back up, and the metal is fairly brittle.. I'm afraid it might break when I start bending it back. I'm also not sure that it can be welded. I think it may be aluminum. This one has me worried.
See the repairs here.