Marion's Own - Home of Company D, 166th Infantry in WW1

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December 2021

I receieved an e-mail from Mike Crabtree who maintains He provided information on Charles Stafford & Lester Williams

December 28, 2017

Working on an "annotated" version of Sgt. Bailey's diary and did a search regarding the German plane he saw being shot down on July 19, at Cuperly France. Low and behold the Signal Corps was there and made a movie of that very thing. It's not posted on YouTube.

There is also a 1957 film about the 42Div in WW1 on YouTube. A video of the 42 Div in training in Rolampont Dec, 1917. Also a video of the 42 Div at the St. Mihel offensive. 42nd Division in the 3D (Bourmont) Training Area, August 16-28, 1918.
And a video of the 42 Div returning to New York in 1919.

January 3, 2015

Pvt. Sensel

I received an e-mail from Richard Dana regarding his great-great uncle William Frank Sensel. Pvt. Sensel served in the Machine Gun Co. in the 166th, however he seems to be pictured in the group photo at Schloss Ernich on the banks of the Rhine River. I had assumed that this was Co. D. alone, but it certainly does look to be Pvt. Sensel in the photo. Mr. Dana also provided an image of an old postcard showing Schloss Ernich. I've posted that here.

Pvt. Sensel is shown at the right. Note that the photo is larger than actually displayed. You can right click on it and open in a new window and see it full size. In the photo at Schloss Emich, he is believed to be in the first row, the 14th person from left.

Brief History of Co. D (1939) Added to Web Site.

The holiday season usually provides some time to more research etc. and I ran accross this "Brief History of Co. D." which was written for the 20th reunion in 1939. So I scanned it and posted it.

August 21, 2012

Received an e-mail from David Good with information and photo about Pvt. Theodore Will (his great uncle) who was killed June 5-6 at Ancerviller.

November 10, 2011

Searching the Net for November 11 items and found this great film about the Rainbow

October 2010

I received and e-mail from Bobby Jay Smith saying that his grandfather, Gerald Glover is in the photo of A.D. Boyd's squad (or at least I think it is his sqaud) at Camp Mills.

Based on the photo at right of Gerald Glover (believed to be at Camp Mills) he certainly looks to be the one in the photo of A.D. Boyd's squad.