Terminmal Emulation Demos

Host On-Demand V14 (May 2019)

Managed Host On-Demand

Host On-Demand Launcher


HACP EE overview and demo (New product Nov. 2017!)
 (HACP EE Technote)

HACP EE Keyboard mapping

Host On-Demand Demos

Using the Host On-Demand Deployment Wizard

Configuring Host On-Demand features with the Deployment Wizard

Using Host On-Demand V11

Host On-Demand Keyboard Mapping

WebStart Client demo

Using HODContainer in Lotus Notes or Expeditor

Recording a macro with prompts (Aug 2014)

Host On-Demand Smart Card authentication (MP4 format) July 2014

Personal Communications Demos

Excel Integration With Personal Communications

Smart Card Authentication with Personal Communications (MP4 format) July 2014

Keyboard Mapping with PComm     (September 2016)

Macro Recording & Editing         (September 2016)

VBScript Macro With Logic       (September 2016)

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