IDz (RDz) Demos

IDz BMS Map Editor

The Power of RDz

Creating databases and table in RDz Data projects

Integrating HATS Rich Client with RDz.

HATS Rich Client with RDz v9 (new capability!)

RDz V9.1 zUnit Capability

Creating Response File for RDz, RTC, DS for Silent IM Install

Debugging CICS COBOL & Java WebSphere app in one IDE (March 2015)
  {See how to create the WebSphere application above, here.}

Using the -clean option to start RDz (March 2016)


Installing RDz & Data Studio

Installing Explorer for zOS and Data Studio  (March 2015)

AVI Format Demos (November 2014)

RDz Editting COBOL with DB2

RDz Debug & Code Coveragei

RDz zUnit


Code review - COBOL, PLI, & metrics

Code review with baseline

RDz & RAA Integration

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