HATS Rich Client Integration With RDz

Getting started: What do I need and how is it licensed.

Video Demos:

RDz v9 & HATS Rich Client - New Capability!

        Infocenter on how to configure HATS to reuse the existing TN3270 session.

Creating the HATS RCP Project

Modifying the HATS Template to Remove Field Borders

Recording a Macro

Editing a Macro to handle error conditions

Exporting the RCP Feature

Installing and Running the RCP Client

Demos of CLIST enabled with RDz Menu Manager & HATS
(from Jon Sayles - "The Doctor Is In" session)

Overview Presentation

Create the HATS RCP Application

Install & Run HATS RCP Application

Available IBM Infocenter Documentation:

HATS integration with RDz overview:

Integrating HATS via MenuManager:

Developing and deploying HATS rich client applications

HATS RCP Programmer's Guide

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