HATS Demos

HATS 101 - Getting started with HATS

Configuring the application server in your development environment

Creating and modifying a dynamic transformation project

HATS RESTful service development

Creating the SAR file from the HATS REST service
   (Thanks to Mitch Johnson for his assistance!)
IBM Technote on creating the SAR file

Special Interest Topics

Extracting multiple screens of tabular data  Oct 2018

Deploying HATS on WebSphere (June 2017)

HATS Dynamic Transformation Demo
(May 2017)

Creating and editing macros (Nov. 2016)

iSeries subfile transformation (Nov. 2016)

Creating a HATS project and recording a HATS Trace File (Dec 31, 2013)

Configuring SSL Encrypted Connections in HATS  (Sept 4, 2013)

HATS Web services development

Using Chained Intgration Objest with HATS Web services (March 2016)

Using a variable in a macro

HATS Integration With a Web Application (swf format)

HATS Rich Client Integration with RDz

Using an HTML form to pass variables to a macro to control the function of the macro

Running multiple HATS sessions in browser tabs

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