S2 6.8 "Exciter" Sailboat Pages

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Scanned Pages From The S2 6.8 Manual

The manual is for an 1979 model boat (mine is #144 one of the last ones they made). If you have an earlier boat, things may be different.

Electrical diagram - (manual page 14)
Electrical system description - (manual page 15)
Electrical system description cont'd - (manual page 16)
Electrical system description cont'd - (manual page 17)

Plumbing diagram (manual page 25)

Interior Diagram (good overal diagram of the boat) (manual page 30)

Obviously, there are many other pages. I picked the ones that might be of most interest to folks who own these boats. I hope to get others scanned someday. If you have a specific need, e-mail me.

If the copyright still applies on these, S2 can let me know and I'll remove them.