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My Chrysler C22 (Miss Molly)

July 15, 2009. I got the call this evening. They accepted my offer. I'm going to buy the a 1978 22 foot Chrysler sail boat.
This is what it looks like in the ad:

There's a lot to work out because its not owned by an individual, but an organization. So it will likely take a few days to get things squared away. I'm also going out of town until Sunday on a Bill Glass Weekend of Champions, so I won't be home to work on getting the money or anything.

The history of Chrysler Boats

I think this boat was originally in the Chesapeake Bay area. See from Justin Hull's 1978 C-22 "Miss Molly" in the Chesapeake Bay

Sailing Dreams

July 20 - The purchase fell through. The guy with the band boosters says they can't find the title. Seems a little queer to me, but I can't buy the boat without the tittle. Maybe they had second thoughts about my low price. But good luck to them if they think they'll get more. You maybe could get more if you could put the boat together and show that its all there and in decent shape. But as it was shown to me, you were buying a pig-in-poke.

It was depressing to me to loose this sale. I had my heart set on it. It was scary and exciting. Now, I don't have a motorcycle or a boat. Depressing.