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Checklists for trailoring and sailing

Thanks to Marcin's father for suggesting this to me. It was a good idea that took me several years to actually take action on.

Revised July 26, 2015. Thanks to the help of Matthew Boehm.

Moving out of the garage:

1) Move the boat forward 3 feet (moving wheel chocks forward first).
2) Move the foot of the mast to the bow rail of the boat.
3) Move the head of the mast (stern of boat) from the hook onto the boat.
4) Secure the head of the mast (stern) ? bungee cord & rope.
5) Secure the tie down strap.
6) Secure the foot of the mast (bow) ? bungee cord & rope.
7) check that the mast pin is secured in pedastal.
8) Check that the mast wiring connector is secured.
9) Clear the cockpit and secure.
10) Hook up the trailer hitch
A. chains
B. lights
C. lock
11) Remove the wheel chocks
12) pull out of the garage (use spotter!)
13) test the lights.

Prep for sailing:

1) Install radio mast and wind vane.
2) Remove the rear tie-down strap.
3) Untie the foot of the mast (front of boat).
4) Untie the mast head (back of boat).
5) From on board, raise the mast & mast prop at rear of boat.
6) Remove the bungee cord at stern (mast prop).
7) Move the foot of the mast to pedestal.
8) Pin the mast in pedestal.
9) Plug in lights and radio cable
10) Rig the jib halyard for hoisting
11) Prep pliers at forestay anchor and prep the pin.
12) Make sure the lower shrouds are hooked in the mast & the fore stay and back stay are untangled.
13) Raise the mast.
14) Secure the forestay.
15) Plug in mast wiring connector.
16) Install the boom.
17) Install the jib & main.
18) Hang the rudder and engine.
19) Unplug the trailer lights.
20) Roll to the ramp.

In the Water:

1. Hook up engine hose & prime.
2. Start engine.

Out of water, prep for highway

1. Remove the engine and rudder.
2. Mount the mast prop. Be sure it is extended.
3. In the boat, remove the sails and boom if not already.
4. Rig the fore halyard for lowering the mast.
5. Make sure pliers are at the bow.
6. Remove the fore stay.
7. Lower the mast.
8. Remove the halyard rigging. Secure halyards (main and fore).
9. Remove the mast pulpit pin and mast light connector, and move the mast foot to the fore rail.
10. Secure the mast pin and the light connector cap.
11. Lower the mast prop
12. Roll the mast forward putting the foot on the bow rail.
13. Put bungee cord on mast, both ends.
14. Clear the cockpit and close the companionway.
15. On the ground, install the tie-down strap on the stern.
16. Tie down fore and aft of mast with dock lines.
17. Remove the antenna mast and wind vane.
18. Connect the lights and check.
19. Hit the road.

Here is the MS Word format document (you can edit this for your particular situation)