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Boating in 2020

Making an effort to get out more this year. We never got the boat in the water last year.
We were out on Pleasant Hill Reservoir in July with Laura's gang and then had the boat at Lakeside for the week August 1-8. We were out on Tuesday with Alex & Mattie and Wednesday with Laura's gang. This was on Sandusky Bay. We used the Dempsey ramp on Marblehead.
I filled the fuel tank before going out. The engine hours were 193.9. I put 16.904 gallons in the tank. After the two trips on Sandusky Bay, the engine hours were 196.5

Alex at the helm
Cedar Point from Sandusky Bay
Here we are on Pleasant Hill Reservoir
I'm getting the itch real bad for a sailboat, but having fun with the Crownline, so maybe I'll wind up with two boats.