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2018 & 2019 Crownline Boating

In 2018 we got a new boat cover. We were only out once with Laura's family and once with John's. The time with Laura, the engine died and when I tried to restart it, the battery was dead. A guy came along in a boat and he had a jump pack. That got us started and we went directly back to the dock. We went to Walmart, and got a new battery and went out a couple of days later.

I got one of those jump packs for Christmas. I've used it numerous times since.

In 2019, we never got the boat in the water. In 2018, I did take it to Lakeside, but someone parked in front of it and I couldn't get it out. So I wound up dragging it all the way to Lakeside for nothing. So in 2019, I didn't bother taking it. So 2019 was a bust as far as boating.