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Building the Bevins Skiff

I have wanted to build a boat for a long time. I guess ever since Alex & I built one. There is just something about a wooden boat. I have also been wanting to have a row boat that I can also sail. A small boat that I can put on to Clearfork Reservoir and row if there is no wind and sail if there is.

I've had the plans for a Bevins Skiff for a couple of years, and this week, things are kind of slow at work, I started building.

July 6, 2015

I have white cedar from some trees that I cut down, and I had already had a couple of boards milled in preparation for laminating up the transom. So cut the pieces and started laminating the transom today.

I've glued up the first three piece. You can see how the glue foams up and exudes from the joints. I was surprised by this and a little worried about it, but I found that it cleans up pretty easily with a putty knife and some sand paper. See the next photo.

Here the excess glue has been scraped off with a putty knife. It wasn't difficult to do it.

Here I've added on the next two pieces. Just one small strip left to go.

I also had to laminate some pieces to make up the stem. This is ash.

Day Two